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Lifestyle ProfilerWELCOME TO MEDICAL STAFFING SYSTEMS . . . The most dynamic and cost effective health care staffing system available.  Developed for and supported by the Health Care industry, this dynamic “critical factor” matching System rapidly and accurately matches individual qualifications with position requirements.

While the United States' national employment rate remains above 5.5%, we will not charge employers to recruit for any of their licensed or certified health care positions. There will never be a cost to employers to recruit a United States Military Service Veteran! Never a cost to individuals to use the System. See below for details.

Advantages to users include:

  • Accommodates full confidentialityIndividuals - Register your profile and search for career opportunities in confidence.  No personal identification information required.  Employers - can identify their organization by name, or conduct confidential searches, as desired.

  • Cost effective recruiting.  Employers can list open positions and search for candidates for all health care positions at no cost!    

  • Never a cost to individuals to register their profile, search for career opportunities or use other features.  Individuals can contact listed health care employers, even when that employer does not have current openings posted.

  • Fast, accurate and user friendly.  “Critical factor” matching system eliminates detailed written resumes and job descriptions, and accurately matches an Individual's Profile with an Organization's posted position.

  • Dynamic Position and Individual Profiles.  Add, edit or completely change your information quickly and easily, at any time.

  • Search throughout the U.S.A. by geographic Region, or areas as narrow as a ZIP code.

  • Employers We will NEVER charge employers for recruiting and hiring a United States Military Service Veteran.  In addition, as long as our National unemployment rate is above 5.5%, we will not charge employers for any openings listed in our system. “Click here for details”
  • Accommodates Compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Laws. The features of the System facilitate the employer's ability to comply with equal employment opportunity laws in their recruitment program.

  • Up-to-date Compensation Analysis by Specialty reflecting salary and wage variables in this System by area, experience and position is available.  Because the health care Compensation Analysis is based on the positions and profiles in the System, it is always current.

  • Health Care Needs Projections by Specialty will assist educational institutions, students and employers in planning for future health care staffing.

Participate in our on-going Virtual Career Fair.   Employers: List your openings for new graduates and experienced individual health care providers. Add, edit or replace any listing at any time, at no cost while the Nation's unemployment rate is above 5.5%.  Search for candidates for your openings by specialty, practice location, experience, and other “critical factors”. You can also search for new graduates by educational facility.  New Graduates and current students in the health care fields will be able to respond to your New Graduate Opportunities.  New Graduates and soon-to-be graduates: Increase employers' ability to find you by entering your educational and career objective profile. Search for opportunities by location, specialty and other “critical factors”.  There is never a cost to Individuals using our System.  Click here for List of Participating Schools or Click here for Sample of Employers that have been invited to participate.

Check out our Message from the President page for current information on matters of importance to the health care community.

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Dedicated to the career growth of health care professionals. We are not a Third Party Representative to any party in the recruitment or employment activities of any users.